Workplace Benefit Insurance

Insurance as a Workplace Benefit

Workplace benefits are offered to employees of some businesses. This is done to make life easier for employees and to attract better workers. Many people will not accept a full time job that does not offer workplace benefits. If you are seeking employment, make sure to inquire about benefits before accepting the job.

Available Plans

In most cases, you will have several benefits available. But not all companies offer the same packages. Some of the most popular include:

Accidental death insurance provides benefits to the family if the worker dies unexpectedly. There might also be a benefit if the worker loses a limb, becomes paralyzed, or loses eyesight, speech or hearing due to the accident.

Dental care is often an option as well. Life insurance is also available to some workers. Life insurance provides a benefit to the employee’s family when the employee dies. There are several types of life insurance, so speak with an insurance agent to learn which option is best for you.

Disability benefits replace part of the employee’s income in case an illness or injury makes it impossible to work. There is long-term and short-term disability, and your employer can discuss your eligibility.

Another option is extended health care coverage. This pays for medical expenses not covered in a traditional health insurance policy. It can cover hospital care, paramedics, prescription drugs, medical equipment, and more.