Critical Illness Insurance

Dealing with a critical illness is stressful. Even worse, the cost associated with medical care can be astronomical. The financial burden makes it more difficult to focus on recovery. Your regular insurance might also have high deductibles that you have trouble paying. Critical illness insurance is something you might want to consider.

What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

This type of coverage helps alleviate some of the costs associated with catastrophic health events or illnesses. The coverage does not pay for all of your expenses, but it helps pay for high deductibles and treatments not covered by traditional health insurance policies.

What Types of Insurance Are Available for Critical Illness?

A Lump Sum Direct policy pays a lump sum amount that you can spend on your healthcare.
Direct Provider Pay pays the healthcare provider directly, which means you avoid late fees and do not have to wait for reimbursement. You can also inquire about Travel Plans coverage. This type of policy will pay for medical transport to another location, including out-of-country care.

How Does Critical Illness Insurance Work?

In order to use this coverage, you will have to be officially diagnosed with a critical illness. This diagnosis will have to come from a general doctor or a specialist in that particular illness. You will also have to provide medical documentation.


Critical illness insurance is beneficial if you are at risk for certain diseases. Illnesses generally covered by these policies include heart attack, cancer, and stroke.