Commercial Auto Insurance

The Reason for Commercial Auto Insurance

Any vehicle can get into an accident. This means a business vehicle can have an accident just as easily as a personal car. This is why commercial auto insurance is important for any vehicle used for business purposes.

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

This insurance is auto coverage for business vehicles. If you own a business that relies on vehicles, then you need this coverage. An example is a flower delivery company or a company that delivers packages. You would need coverage for any vehicle used in the operation of the business.

If money is an issue, you can consider a basic liability policy. This will make the vehicle road legal, but will not cover damages should an accident occur. The better option is to get collision and comprehensive which adds personal protection features for your business. Anyone injured can be covered through added medical coverage. Private property owners who suffer loss through buildings, fences and vehicles can also be compensated up to policy limits.

Policies for Commercial Automobiles

Basic liability is the minimum amount required by law to legally drive a vehicle. Each state has laws regarding the amounts of property and medical coverage that needs to be purchased. Collision and comprehensive offer more protection, and work well for most businesses. This covers things such as damages due to weather, fire, theft or vandalism.

Medical coverage pays for larger amounts than that provided by basic liability. And uninsured/underinsured motorist is for when the other vehicle in the accident has little-to-no insurance. Adding a personal injury policy will ensure that the operator of your work vehicle has adequate medical coverage following an accident.

To file a claim following an accident, you simply have to contact your insurance provider. You will have to provide police reports and information provided by others in the accident.


Commercial auto insurance is mandatory. Using a business vehicle without insurance puts you at risk for lawsuits and trouble with the law.