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Community Cause

Cats and Dogs Deserve Loving Homes

Our firm has just learned that less than half of all the animals sheltered in Bergen County are ever able to find a new adoptive home. Instead, well over 1,000 animals are euthanized in local animal shelters each year. These are not sick or dangerous animals; these are orphaned cats and dogs that are simply looking for a new home.

As a pet guardian myself, I admit to having a soft spot for animals, and my team and I have decided to launch an ongoing campaign to help provide homes for animals in our area who are at risk of euthanasia.

Ambassadors for Animals

The Arcuri Insurance Agency has officially become a regional Ambassador in the #AgentsofChange movement, and we will be working with a wide array of nonprofit groups, government agencies, families, and friends to help ensure every animal in our community that needs a new home is able to find one.

This is going to be a big job, and we won’t be able to handle it alone. So we’re calling on everyone reading this letter to join us and help us find homes for animals in our area.

How You Can Help

We’re not looking for donations, instead we’d like you to help us spread the word about this campaign and let people know what we’re doing. If you refer a friend or family member into the Arcuri Agency, we will happily provide them with a free insurance consultation. Even better, we will make a donation in YOUR name to a worthwhile cause or charity in our area that is taking an active role in helping animals in our area.

No More Euthanasia!

We hope you’ll join us in providing a helping paw to those in our community who can’t speak for themselves, but who still deserve to live in a happy, loving home.


Peter Arcuri

Arcuri Insurance Agency

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